Your Assignment is Your Climate

What is a climate?

Well, scientifically speaking, it is the prevailing trend of weather as proven over long periods of time. For example, Antartica is cold. That is the climate. The Sahara desert is hot. That is the climate there. It doesn’t change.

The climate of a region or area determines the culture. People who live in very hot locations, their culture adapts and changes to thrive in the climate they live in. Its the same with those who live in cold locations.

Just as in the natural, the climate helps determine and shape the culture, the same is true for the spiritual aspect.

Another definition of climate is: “the prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life”.

So what is the prevailing trend of public opinion about God at your work place? At Walmart? or the last restaurant you ate at?

You have been positioned to change their view and their perspective. Every conversation, every act of kindness is an opportunity to change the climate in which you live.

Your assignment is your climate. What if we made our life goal to change the spiritual climate in which we live? To change the prevailing opinion on the goodness of God? What if you changed the prevailing opinion of God by releasing the healing Jesus paid for? This is the key to shifting culture. One conversation at a time, one act of kindness, one encouraging word, it all builds up to moments in which you can use to re-present Jesus to the world.

What are some things you intentionally do to change the spiritual climate in which you live?

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