5 Signs You Might Be In a “Valley”

No one is immune to the proverbial “mountains and valleys” of life. Unfortunately, the recognition of those seasons in our life is most often in hindsight. We say things like “oh man, I remember that season of life, it was amazing!” or “can’t things go back to how they were?” or “those were the good days!” What I have found is the quickest way to get out of a “valley” season of life is to first recognize you are in a valley. Seems super easy right? But, when you are in the “valley”, you usually can only think about how low you are and not how high you can climb. When your perspective shifts, your mind shifts and you no longer live in reaction to the dysfunction that season may bring, but your new perspective releases a shift that cuts the dysfunction off at the source.

So, here are 5 Signs You Might Be In A “Valley”:


Ever notice that in certain seasons you magically only think in worst case scenarios? It starts off small, usually subtle. Something may happen that was unexpected or unplanned and you react. That reaction sets off a chain of events each build up negativity until you train your brain that the first thought is always a negative one. Reacting to the unexpected is normal, BUT and that’s a big BUT, you chose the nature of your reaction. You are a powerful person who does not have to be the victim. Think like a victim and you will always be a victim, but think like a victor and you will be victorious! Remember, whatever you focus on, you attract. Attracting negativity is no fun!


Don’t let this one become a declaration. When your mind is focused on the negative and you are inadvertently being a victim, no wonder you cant hear God! He created you powerful, hope-filled, victorious and passionate. When we act and think contrary to what God says and thinks, we cut OURSELVES off from His voice. Everything He says is in the context of a you who is powerful, hope-filled, victorious and passionate, so when we believe and act contrary, we disqualify ourselves! God is always speaking, we just need to tune in and realize He has made us to commune with Him. God never stops pursuing, we just stop receiving.


If you find yourself comparing everything and everyone it is a tell tale sign of jealousy and comparison. We inadvertently look around and think or believe the grass is greener everywhere else but this valley I am standing in. This cripples people more than most other things. We get stuck in a comparison mentality and begin to believe that because everything appears to be better for everyone else, it must be. We begin to believe we are not good enough for success, or we are not worthy of an answered prayer or breakthrough. When you recognize those thoughts you must take them captive and stand on what is truth. Jealousy and comparison will keep you in the valley longer than anything else. Having faith in God, believing in yourself and encouraging and blessing those who you compare is part of the antidote to jealousy. Just like the saying about worry, you can say the same about jealousy; Jealousy is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but you’ll never get anywhere in it.


You’ve lost your fire, your drive, and your desire. You only want to do things that are unproductive. It is harder to go to sleep at night and even harder to wake up in the morning. This is classic “valley” season behavior and one of the reasons we get ourselves into valleys in the first place. On the “mountain” everything is easy, motivation and drive aren’t as crucial while you are at the top because you are enjoying the fruits of past labor. You are being refueled and recharged. Your intentionality is toward receiving. It’s good to have those times but we must stay intentional toward growth. We all have a enemy in apathy and atrophy and fighting against that enemy with intentionality toward growth will put those enemies at bay.


The bible says, “…the joy of the Lord is our strength” (Neh. 8:10). Maybe that’s why we feel so powerless in the valley. We have lost our joy and inadvertently lost our strength. We have to understand that joy is not an emotion, it is a state of being and true joy comes from God. When you recognize that your joy has went missing, ask the Lord to restore your joy, ask him to increase your joy, and when he does so, you will find your strength!


the valley doesn’t mean death, your gonna make it through!

We have to realize that we don’t end up in the valley because we did something wrong. No one drifts into spiritual transformation; valleys make us aware of our weaknesses so that we can turn them into strengths. They prepare us for the next promise of god to be fulfilled. Without trials, without valleys, and difficult situations we would never grow. That doesn’t mean God causes them, He is just really good at turning them around for good.

Recognizing you are in the valley is half the battle; the rest is up to you. When you recognize these signs, take action. Resist apathy and atrophy. Remind yourself everyday that breakthrough is always on the other side of the valley; and that you will see the sun again in your circumstances!

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